MAIUG 2015 Break-Out Sessions

MAIUG 2015 Break-Out Sessions

Break-Out Session One (1:00 PM)

Migrating from Millennium to Sierra (M,S) Location: BL122 A/B

Denise Garofalo, Mount Saint Mary College
Laurie Shedrick, Innovative Interfaces, Inc.

Denise Garofalo will share Mount Saint Mary College’s experience migrating from Millennium to Sierra with particular attention given to impact on the staff.  Laurie Shedrick will share Innovative’s side of the process.  Time has been allotted for questions and/or discussion.


LEAP Forum (P) Location: BL125

Trevor Diamond, BCCLS

A brief introduction/look at Leap, with special attention given to the new find tool (smart search box and the advanced find tool pop up).  Presentation on how BCCLS is implementing Leap with a look at security. Discussion to follow.

Third Party Integrations (M,S) Location: BL110

Princeton Public Library

APIs, Discovery Layer, Point of Sale, RFID, Self-checkout?  Princeton Public Library staff explore some third party vendor partnerships we’ve undertaken to build applications on top of our ILS’s customer and materials databases in this roundtable discussion. We’ll be offering answers to the questions, “What we did we choose?” “What can (and can’t) the solution do?” “What worked well and what didn’t?” “How did we implement, and what challenges do we see going forward?” Audience participation is encouraged.


Break Out Session 2 (1:50 PM)

“Fatal Error? What the %#@& Does That Mean?”: Building a Home-Brew Text Message Notification System for Sierra (S,P) Location: BL122 A/B

R.C. Miessler (Gettysburg College)

“I am not a developer” is one of those things I get to say more often than I want. However, programming is something I’ve wanted to learn for a long time. Using our library’s interest in providing text message reminders to our patrons for some of our more popular items, I hacked out (with plenty of help and Googling on the way) a basic text notification system that costs less than $100/year, and learned a lot. This presentation will outline resources to pique an interest in web development with SQL, PHP and the Twilio API. While built for Sierra, some of the tools are useful across multiple platforms.


BIBFRAME, Libhub, and Five Years after RDA (M,P,S) Location: BL110

Sharon Yang, Rider University, New Jersey
Yan Yi Lee, Wagner College, New York

It is five years since the release of RDA. What have libraries achieved since then and what remains to be done before bibliographic data will become Linked Data and part of the Semantic Web? This presentation will trace the development of modern cataloging from FRBR in 1998 up to present. The basic concepts of the Semantic Web and Link Data will be explained. A discussion will follow on the projects such as BIBFRAME Editor, Libhub Initiative,, BIBFLOW, MarcNext, and BIBFRAME Scribe. First hand experience with BIBFRAME will be shared. The presentation will also talk about the challenges for the next five year in RDA cataloging, including incorporating BIBFRAME Editor into library systems. The audience can be anyone who is interested in the new development of metadata creation. No cataloging knowledge is required.


Break Out Session 3 (3:00 PM)

Sierra Direct SQL Access (S) Location: BL122 A/B

Len Davidson, Catholic University, Law Library

Sierra has a built in ODBC connection (free!) that allow you to access patron data via SQL (using MS Access or MySQL databases). Catholic University Law Library incorporated this feature to validate patrons in its studyroom reservation system. I will cover the step by step directions on how to access patron data and all the other tables available in SierraDNA. I will also contrast ODBC connection with the API’s that have been finally released for Sierra.


Cataloging Trick or Treat Forum (M,P,S) Location: BL110

Eve Pasternak, South Plainfield Library
Rosalie Baker, Bernardsville Public Library

Bring your tricks, get treated to answers to your questions and new tips. Have you developed an efficient procedure for something or are you stymied by a persistent problem? Share your knowledge on anything and everything from authority control and database maintenance to workflows and Z39.50 databases. Good for everyone from beginners to advanced catalogers.

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